Getting Started: Creating your account and getting started with

Welcome to! We're excited to help you seamlessly create and use short links!


To get started, go to and click Sign up. Alternatively, create an account by signing up here. Sign Up Page YGY

Whether for marketing campaigns, product promotions, or any other online activities, simplifies the process by automatically providing a QR code for each shortened link, empowering users to efficiently utilize both formats in their digital endeavors.

  1. Once you are in your dashboard, click "New Link". Alternatively, you can go to the Create Link tab in your dashboard. All Links in Dashboard
  2. It will prompt you to configure following essential fields:
  • Destination URL: The fundamental field where you specify the actual web address to which the shortened link redirects. This is the primary destination users reach when clicking on the short link.
  • Domain: This field allows users to select the domain under which the short link will be created. By default link would be created under domain, however you could add also add and use custom domain, more information about which is given here. Custom domains enable branding and make links more recognizable and trustworthy to users.
  • Suffix: It allows users to customize the end of the shortened link for a more personalized touch. It can be an alphanumeric code or a meaningful identifier, enhancing the link's branding or relevance.
  • Android Destination URL: It is an optional field, specifc to Android Platforms. This field allows developers to set a unique destination URL for users accessing the short link on Android devices. This customization ensures an optimized experience tailored to Android users.
  • IOS Destination URL: Also an optional field. similar to Android Destination URL field, this field allows developers to set a distinct destination URL for users accessing the short link on iOS devices.
  • Internal Name: An internal identifier or name for organizational purposes. This is an optional field, which helps developers or users keep track of various short links, especially when managing a large number of links. It is not visible to end-users and is used for internal reference. Create Links Page Dashboard
  1. You'll have the ability to change any of the above Link settings, and many more, at any time in the future.

After creating the link, you will be redirected to a link-specific dashboard. Here, you can access comprehensive information related to the generated link and have the option to download or copy the QR Code in either SVG or PNG format. Link Info Page

What's Next?

Great, you are now set up with your first tiny URL. There is a lot more you can do with this shortened URL and QR Code. Below are a few links that may be the right next steps for customising the links and QR Codes: